OnePlus 2 to go invite-free forever from December 5

With OnePlus close to completing two years, the company has now pronounced that its flagship smartphone will be available for purchase without requiring an invite.


OnePlus has announced that the flagship OnePlus 2 will be available for purchase without requiring an invite starting from December 5. The company has completely scrapped the invite system which was mandatory for purchasing the handset. However, given the heavy demands expected, the company has mentioned that customers would have to purchase the handset by December 7 to have it delivered in time for the seasonal holidays.

As of now, only the OnePlus 2 would be free of the invite system. However, the company also revealed that the recently released OnePlus X would be available for purchase without an invite from December 5th– 7th. The company is also offering deals 50 percent discount on OnePlus 2 StyleSwap Covers. If you have been waiting for an invite to purchase the handset and never got one, now is the time for you!

Speaking about the move, Carl Pei, Co-founder, OnePlus, said, “The invite system has been crucial to letting us scale our operations and has given our fans a unique way to share OnePlus with the people in their lives. But we are always trying to enhance the OnePlus experience for you and taking risks to push ourselves and show real improvements. That’s why we’re making the OnePlus 2 invite-free … forever!”