Only 6,74,000 units of Windows Phone 7 sold

There have been thoughts on as to why Nokia and Microsoft have had a merger. Well, the most evident reason is the sales figures. The Windows Phone 7 was launched back in November 2010 promising a fresh and intuitive UI. But is seems that the platform has been proclaimed as DOA (Dead on Arrival).

Microsoft expected to sell good, and carriers had deployed 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 units in the market. However, the sales figure doesn’t approve of that. Russian tech analyst Eldar Murtazin estimated that about 6,74,000 Windows Phone 7 smart phones have been sold. The period of the sales is not confirmed, but we believe it is for the Q1. The analyst also concluded that the sales have been an absolute failure and Microsoft’s strategy is to be blamed.

With Nokia looking forward to use the Windows Phone platform, we expect a better number of sales because Nokia has a good reputation in the handset market and will surely provide services to improve and strengthen the bruised platform.