Opera Mobile 10 and Opera Mini ported to Windows Phone

A developer Ultrashot has been able to successfully port the popular Opera Mobile 10 browser to run smoothly on Windows Phone devices. Just a few days back Opera Mini was hacked and made to run on Windows Phone devices.


As of now Opera Mobile can only run on fully unlocked ROMs like the DFT ROMs, not just Developer unlocked or even InterOp unlocked. So this probably means that first gen HTC devices will be able to run the Opera Mobile nicely. For now the only feature that is said to be not working fine is the screen rotation but may be that fix will arrive soon.

The same is the case with Opera Mini. It is also capable of running on WP devices which are fully unlocked and only limitation it is facing is, screen rotation.

To know more about ported Opera Mini for WP and download link head over here.

And to know more and download Opera Mobile 10 visit here.