OPPO Enco W51 TWS Earphones Review

It’s been a month since OPPO launched the OPPO Enco W51 in the Indian Market and these earphones were announced along with the OPPO F17 series of smartphones. They come with 7mm drivers that promise dynamic bass. In addition to this, these earphones also feature hybrid dual microphones that are claimed to achieve a noise reduction of 35dB even in crowded environments like malls, train stations, and more.

The OPPO Enco W51 is priced at ₹4,999 in the Indian market and comes in two color options — Floral White and Starry Blue. Are these TWS Earphones worth your money? Let’s find out.


OPPO Enco W51 Key Features

  • 7mm drivers
  • Dual microphones for active noise cancellation
  • Triple microphones for call noise reduction
  • Touch controls for volume, call control, track change
  • Bluetooth 5.0 along with Binaural Low-Latency Bluetooth Transmission
  • IP54 ratings
  • 25mAh battery with 4 hours of standalone music playback
  • 350mAh battery on the carry case offering 24h hours of battery life

Design & Build

Talking about the design, the OPPO W51 comes with a glossy rounded square case that’s built using high-quality plastic. You get the OPPO Branding on top and along with that, there is a USB Type-C port on the back for charging. Opening up the lid lights up an LED, and just below that, there is a button that is used to enable pairing mode on the earphones. While the case quality is outstanding the magnets inside the case aren’t that good and the earphones fall off if you shake the case heavily.

Moving on, these earphones come with a unique design and look very premium. Thanks to the ear tips on the top, they sit comfortably in your ears and offer a better fit than the OnePlus Buds. These earphones come with a total of 6 microphones and weigh only 4 grams each. The weight of the entire device is 55.5g and as these are light and portable you can easily carry them around. In addition to this, the OPPO Enco W51 earphones are IP54 rated which means that they won’t be affected by water and dust and you can use them without any issues while you are working out.

It is to be noted that the charging case doesn’t come under this certification so make sure you protect it from water splashes else you’ll be ending up with a damaged charging case. We got the floral white variant to play around with, however, OPPO also sells these in a Starry Blue color option. The blue variant for these earphones looks way better than the floral white color so if you are planning to buy one, make sure you check out the blue variant first. The overall packaging is also very premium and OPPO ships these with 6 additional ear tips in the box. Along with this, you also get a Quick Start Guide and a USB Type-C cable that helps you to charge the case.









OPPO-Enco-W51-Design-Images-9 OPPO-Enco-W51-Design-Images-10





Features & Connectivity

The OPPO Enco W51 uses Bluetooth 5.0 for pairing with other devices and the connectivity is really good. To enable pairing mode on the OPPO Enco W51 you have to make sure the earphones are inside the case and then all you have to do is long-press the button inside the case till a white LED light pops up. Once you see the White light simply search them in the device you want to pair them with and they will get connected in a second. However, these earphones don’t support dual or multi paring which means that you can only connect them with one device at a time.

We tried these earphones with a Lenovo Laptop, iPhone SE 2020, and OnePlus 8 and there were no audio delays or connectivity issues. These earphones come with ear detection which means that if you remove them from your ears whatever movie or song you are playing will get paused automatically. Once you wear them again the media starts playing automatically and this feature worked perfectly on all the three devices we tested these earphones with. Apart from this, users can turn on and off Active Noise Cancellation by double-tapping on the left earphone. The Active Noise Cancellation works amazingly well for this price range and it’s one of the key features for these earphones.

These are probably the best earphones under 5K that you can get for calling because the microphone quality on these earphones is amazing. The noise cancellation helps a lot and the audio quality is so good that the other person feels like you are talking straight through the phone. Along with this, it also has a lot of touch-based features like triple tap to bring up voice assistant and many more. Users can also change songs by double-tapping on the right earphone. All these touch-based controls can be customized by the people who are using an OPPO smartphone but sadly others don’t get an option to do that.


Audio Quality & Battery Life

OPPO Enco W51 comes with 7mm dynamic drivers and while this may not be the best driver size at this price range the audio output you get from these earphones is impressive. If you are looking for some Bass-heavy earphones with an overall loud sound then these might be the perfect wireless earphones from you.

The people who listen to a lot of Pop, Hip Hop, or EDM will definitely enjoy the audio output on this one. We played Class Sikh Maut Vol II by Seedhe Maut and PrabhDeep, Laung Gawacha by Nucleya, Popstar by Drake, and many similar songs using this one, and man the beat drops really kick in. In some songs, you may feel that vocals are flat and aren’t as clear as they should be because they get overpowered by the beats. However, that doesn’t affect the overall experience much and you enjoy the music to its fullest.


Talking about the Battery Life, these earphones come with a 25 mAh battery and OPPO says that they can last up to 3.5 hours with ANC on and 4 hours with ANC off. The charging case on the other hand comes with a 480 mAh Battery and takes about 1hrs 30 mins for a full charge.

While I was testing these earphones I charged them fully at 2.03 PM and connected them with my iPhone. I played songs continuously for about an hour with the volume set to 100% and Active Noise Cancellation on. By 3.14 PM the battery was down to 70%. After taking a 15-minute break I played Hubie Halloween on Netflix and while the movie was bad the Audio Output from these headphones was really good. However, what disappointed me the most was that by 5.00 PM these earphones had only 10% of battery and I had to charge them again. So yes, when it comes to battery life these aren’t the best earphones out there and you will need your charging case if you want to use them for a longer period of time. You can have a look at the Battery Percentage screenshots in the image below.

Battery Percentage on OPPO Enco W51


The OPPO Enco W51 is the best noise-canceling wireless earphone that you can get under Rs.5000 right now. Apart from the battery life, there are no major cons and the overall experience you get is amazing. These are the perfect pair of earphones that you can get for listening to music, watching movies, and taking your everyday calls. The overall fit is really good and thanks to the impressive built quality these earphones feel premium when you hold them in your hands. Overall, the OPPO Enco W51 gets a thumbs up from us and we are sure that you won’t regret buying this one.