OPPO showcases a concept smartphone with triple folding design

OPPO, in collaboration with Japan-based design studio Nendo, has revealed a new concept smartphone, which the company is referring to as “slide-phone” that features a triple-folding design.


The phone, which has a long-form factor, can be folded three times to make it small enough to be easily held in the palm of the hand. The device folds vertically and the first unfold presents a 40mm screen, the second unfold offers an 80mm screen while the fully unfolded state presents a 7-inch display panel.

The company says that the 40mm screen is suitable for functions that don’t require a bigger screen, such as checking call history, answering calls, or controlling the music player. The 80mm screen is designed for casual stuff like taking photos.

In the fully unfolded state, the phone has a 7-inch display on the front, which seems to be aimed at multi-tasking. On the backside of the phone, there are multiple camera sensors as well as an LED flash.

Along with this concept smartphone, the company has also unveiled “music-link” concept accessories that are centered around the true wireless earphones. The list of accessories includes TWS earphones, a wireless charger, an AI speaker, and a smartwatch, all of which are designed to work together.

Do note that all the products unveiled by the company are just the concept design and none of them are launching commercially, at least not for the time being. But this showcases what the company is planning for its future products and we could see the company launching similar devices in the near future.