How to password protect photos in Apple iPhone [Guide]

Almost everyone has some private photos in camera roll that you would not want others to see. The best way to protect those photos from others is to lock them up with a password.

You probably want to keep those images out of sight of somebody who might be browsing your camera roll. Apple’s iOS does offer a way to hide photos but it doesn’t let you put them in a password protected album. And as you know, hiding isn’t really secure as it simply takes the hidden photo out of your camera roll and puts it in the “Hidden” album, which can be opened by anybody.


However, if you want to password protect some photos without using third-party apps, then there’s a workaround to do so. Here’s a guide for the same.

How to password protect photos in iPhone

  • First of all, open up your Notes app and create a new note in your iCloud section
  • Now from within the note, tap the camera icon
  • You’ll now get three options and choose “Photo Library”
  • Now find the photos you want to lock and tap on them to select them, then tap Done in the top right when you are done selecting
  • Once you have the photos you want in your note, tap the Share button at the top-right corner.
  • From the given options, select “Lock Note”
  • You can now lock and unlock your note with the lock button
  • Now you can safely delete the photos from your photo library without losing them in the note

By going to Settings > Notes > Password, you can change whether your lock on Notes uses Face ID (or Touch ID) or a password.