Patent Wars: Ericsson sued Micromax for Rs. 100 crore

As if the patent wars between Samsung and Apple do not entertain us enough, we now have similar cases in our own country. This battle is fought by Micromax and Ericsson and the former did get a heavy blow.

As per the suit filed by Ericsson against Micromax before the Delhi High Court, for using some features of Ericsson’s patents relating to 2G, 3G and Edge technology. Ericsson was seeking over Rs 100 crore as damages from Micromax.

Ruling in favour of Ericsson, the Delhi High Court has ordered Micromax to pay royalties on every phone and tablet it sells in India, as part of an interim arrangement before the two firms finalise their patent deal by April 9.

The interim agreement as per the Delhi High Court undertaken by the two companies – known as a FRAND (fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms) license agreement – requires Micromax to pay somewhere between 1.25% – 2% of sale price as royalty per phone and tablet.