Pete Lau indicates OnePlus 5 might get UFS storage

Days before its new launch, OnePlus has come up with some more detail related to its new flagship, the OnePlus 5. A message posted by Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus indicated that the OnePlus 5 may be unveiled with UFS storage.


Obviously, Lau hasn’t confirmed this but he is stating a possibility. As such, the comical CEO must be well aware what his messages might conjure up. Especially at this point, when the company is heavily followed on social media for OnePlus 5 details. The CEO also lamented the foul marketing practices of smartphone makers. Possibly, he was making fun of companies like Samsung or Huawei. He means that UFS 2.1 should be in all flagships as it is faster than EMMC.

Having said that, we can make a fair guess that the upcoming flagship might employ UFS storage as the price of the device is also set to increase. So, it wouldn’t be surprising to see UFS 2.1 in tandem with 8 GB of RAM.

Meanwhile, we have seen OEMs like Samsung and Huawei have misled customers with by wrongly naming UFS 2.0 enabled devices as UFS 2.1. Even OnePlus and a bunch of other companies have been in the news earlier for setting up benchmarks to get artificial high scores. Vary of these happenings, customers will be better informed. This time they will be better informed on what OnePlus is saying and what it actually brings to the market.

The OnePlus 5 is expected to be unveiled in China on June 20.

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