Phone Charged in ½ The Time

st-ericsson Have you run out of the Juice in your phone? Right at the time when you are about to use your phone for some important task! And you need to charge the phone at least to a usable state, but it’s so stubborn and requires hours to get charged? , yes, surely not just you we all have been into such a situation, then hold your breath here is an Innovative solution from ST-ERICSSON that is sure to reduce the charging time of your device and cut that time required to fully charge by almost half ! ST-ERICSSON launches its new PowerHub Family! That harnesses this.

Who faces it and why we need it?
Long gone are those days where mobile phones were equipped with a Java OS and mostly used for  calling and casual games, the year 2010 introduced the Smartphone market ,the evolution of OS and underlying hardware (now we are into those power hungry device that do so much more …. )Now these power hungry beasts drain your battery and require you to loiter around the power plug to charge them, even if you get near the power plug, the chance that it takes long hours to get it fully charged, here where you think “had the technology been little more advanced so that I can charge the device much faster!” … ST-ERICCSON heard you, it just dint reduce the charging time but it halved the time required!

How did they achieve this?
The advent of PM2300, instead of using a 1.5 amp charger (that is currently in use) they have used a much compact and low cost 3 amp charger, which charge the device in half the time!

What devices are supported?
From Smartphone’s to tablets and in fact any mobile device can be charged!

Is that it?
That’s not it! Yeah you heard it right, that’s not it , the company drives much more innovative products it claims that the charger can harness the Solar Energy , Mechanical vibrations (Heard about Piezoelectricity!) and even wireless chargers that get integrated into it and the devices will choose the best and optimum source or even the  best combinations of them all by itself!

But Wait, there is something else I am confused!
“So does it mean we all need to change our chargers, our mobile devices?”-Well Yes! That is something the company has to think about it and arrive at a solution that does not require you to change the device or the charger.

They are the pioneers in Semiconductors and Wireless Platforms and innovators they have their clients as of the top mobile manufacturers and more than half the mobile phones present now use their technology, The Company generated sales of USD 2.3 Billion in 2010.

Checkout the Video to know how exactly it works :