Indian Telecom Industry nearing 800 million mark

TRAI-logo The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has released the subscriber’s data for the month of December, 2010. As per its release, the total telephone subscriber base of the country is nearing 800 million marks and has reached 787.28 Million at the end of December 2010 from 764.76 Million in November-2010.The telecom industry has witnessed the Growth rate of 2.95% for the month of December. Now the Overall Tele-density of India is at 66.16%.

The other important points mentioned in the press release are as follows:

  • Total Telephone subscriber base reaches to 787.28 Million in Dec-2010 from 764.76 Million in Nov-2010
  • Wireless subscription reaches to 752.19 Million in Dec-2010 from 729.57 Million in Nov-2010, an increase of about 22.62million users.
  • Wire line subscription declines to 35.09 Million in Dec-2010 from 35.19 Million in Nov-2010
  • Active wireless subscribers in VLR in Dec-2010 is 529.22 Million
  • Overall Tele-density reaches to 66.16 in Dec-2010 from 64.34 in Nov-2010 with overall urban and rural tele-densities being 147.88 & 31.18 respectively
  • Wireless Tele-density reaches to 63.22 with urban and rural tele-densities being 140.53 & 30.11 respectively
  • Wire line Tele-density declines to 2.95 with urban and rural tele-densities being 7.35 & 1.07 respectively
  • Broadband subscription reaches to 10.92 Million in Dec-2010 from 10.71 Million in Nov-2010
  • The number of telephone subscribers in India increased to 787.28 Million at the end of December 2010 from 764.76 Million in November-2010, thereby registering a growth rate of 2.95%. With this, the overall Tele-density in India reaches 66.16.
  • Wireless Segment crosses 750million mark (GSM, CDMA & FWP)
  • Wireless subscribers have increased to 752.19 Million at the end of December-2010 registering a growth of 3.10% from 729.57 Million in November-2010.Now the overall, Wireless Tele-density stands at 63.22. If we see the circle wise growth rate, then Circle B added 9831820 new subscriber, the highest among other Circles followed by Circle A which added 7875259, Circle C added 2751971 & Metro Circles added 2162865.
The last month of the last year has proved to be good for Reliance Communications as it added the highest number new subscribers, followed by Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, Idea & others.

Service Provider wise Market Share as on 31-12-2010
Airtel has maintained its market lead & now it has a market share of 20.27%, followed by Reliance at 16.70% which leads Vodafone by just a couple of total subscribers whose total market share stood at 16.52%.

Active Mobile users in the country are 529.22 million only.
The proportion of active subscribers among the total number of active subscribers stood at approximately 70.36 %. It comes out that out of total subscribers of 752.19 Million subscribers; 529.22 Million subscribers are active subscribers in VLR on the last working day of the month i.e. 31st December 2010. The total active VLR number excludes the CDMA VLR figure of BSNL, as the service provider has not provided the VLR figures corresponding to their total CDMA subscriber base of 5.47 million. Circle-wise, Jammu & Kashmir has the highest proportion of VLR subscribers with 81.84 % followed by Assam (79.16 %) and Maharashtra (77.73%); Mumbai has the lowest proportion with 57.97%. Service Provider wise, Bharti leads the tally with 91.79% closely followed by Idea with 90.04%; MTNL is at the bottom with 35.10%.

The Landlines witnessed negative growth rate.
The Wireline segment witnessed negative growth rate. The Wireline subscribers figure reached to 35.09million subscribers in December from 35.19million subscribers in November. State owned, BSNL has maintained a steady lead at 73.09% followed by another State owned operator at 9.88%. The landlines showed growth only in the Metro’s registering 4946 new subscribers only, whereas all the other circles witnessed negative numbers with Circle B which lost around 71667 subscribers.

The Broadband Segment also witnessed the growth rate.
The broadband segment witnessed the growth rate of 1.88%, thereby the total number of subscribers have increased to 10.92 millions in December from 10.71millions.