Play & Win a Virgin vGlide every week

Remember the Virgin vGlide TV Ad where a Guy try to fool his Girlfriend with the help of his friend using his vGlide slider. If you have not seen that ad then click here to see. Virgin Mobile is giving you a chance to win a all new vGlide by playing a simple game. You have to play the Guy’s friend part while playing and you will have to answer the question which his Girlfriend ask in “Yes” or “No”. Pretty Simple.
For each correct answer which the boy wants you to answer through the signal of Slider you will get 10 points and for wrong answer 10 points will be deducted. You will see a zoomed vGlide at the bottom right. The slider of vGlide will go up and down according to the question the girl ask. If the slider is up it means “Yes” and if down then “No”
Click here to play the game. You will get in total 2 Minutes to answer the questions. So score as many points as you want to in those 2 minutes. Be the highest scorer of the week and win a vGlide.
We Say : The game is pretty easy to play. Though its a bit tough to beat the highest scrores.
But nothing is impossible so go try your luck.