Premium Android Silver devices could replace the Nexus line

While we had seen reports suggesting termination of the Nexus line, we thought it would be replaced by the Google Play editions of the high-end devices. But seems like Google has planned something totally different.


According to reports, Google is planning to replace the Nexus line with the Android Silver program, which would be a new line-up of premium Android smartphones. This program is essentially crafted to provide Google more control over the high-end Android market, which is dominated by Samsung currently, thus giving it a chance to challenge the Apple iPhone.

As per the report, manufacturers joining the Silver program would be paid by Google to manufacture smartphones as per the specifications provided and with a limit on the number of non-Google apps pre-installed. Being directly controlled by Google, this will mean quicker Android updates. As of now only LG, Motorola and a few Chinese manufacturers seem to be interested in the program whereas smartphone giants like Samsung and HTC have flatly denied to be a part of this.