Press shots of the Sony Xperia Z Fourth Generation leak

Sony has failed to keep its upcoming flagship, the Xperia Z4 a secret with various leaks in the past few month and well, we have more. New press renders of the device have just leaked and Sony refers the device as the Sony Xperia Z Fourth Generation. We are not Sony plans on changing its flagship naming scheme or the device will hit the market as the Z4.

In December last year, Sony Pictures suffered a huge leak, which resulted in plenty of details around the company and the new press shots of Sony flagship are the result of the leak.

The leak shows us the device in all its glory and as we’ve come to know from the previous leaks, the next Sony flagship will not bring a radical design change. Instead, there will be minor changes like the placement of the speakers, no flap on the microUSB port. The metal build has also been altered as Sony details it, “Making the metal more solid and sleek, in high polished surfaces created by metal plating, all we do this with a new anodizing technology”

The leak suggests that the device will be unveiled sometime in April-June, so we can expect a June announcement if it’s indeed true. It’s important to note here that this info comes from leaked emails in October, so that’s plenty of time for Sony to change things up. We have also been hearing rumors that this device will hit the market as the Xperia Z3 Neo and not as the Z4.

Well, the Sony Xperia Z4 or Z3 Neo or the Z Fourth Generation should arrive in June if the leaks are indeed true. As always, we’ll keep you updated.