Qualcomm, Broadcom and NVidia reportedly working on individual 64 bit quad core processors

While a lot of focus on is being thrown on the recently announced true octa core processor from MediaTek, the other chip manufacturers are looking at 64 bit processors which were introduced by Apple recently.


According to reports, smartphone processor manufacturers do not seem to be threatened by the recently announced true octa core MediaTek processor but instead are more concerned about the 64 bit Apple A7 processor used to power the recently released Apple iPhone 5S. As such the manufacturers are already believed to be working on their own 64 bit quad core processors.

Speculations suggests that Qualcomm, Broadcom and Nvidia are supposed to release their own 64 bit chips at the upcoming CES 2014 that would be held in January. So much so that Qualcomm has openly confirmed their experimentation on the new processors. Surprisingly, MediaTek would be delayed to launch its 64 bit processor as it had deployed its resources mainly for the octa core processor.