Rave iBand plays using smartphones and tablets as instruments!

If there were one use we would have never thought about for our smartphones and tablets, it would have to be as musical instruments. But here we are with the Rave iBand to alter our perceptions about smartphones and tablets forever. This band rocks out on smartphone and tablets. None of them uses musical instruments; instead they use apps and programmes to substantiate for them. The best part, though is that this is an Indian band and its the first of its kind anywhere in India.

“I was fiddling with an iPad a few days ago. Within hours I had composed a song. It struck me that though I was using the iPad like a toy, the end result was professional.” Ricky Kej, the masterbrain behind the conceptualization of the band.

Mind you these guys are no newbies/techies trying their hands out at smartphones and tablets, but serious musicians who have dappled in this. The band members are Richa Paul on Vocals using a Mic app and a percussion app on two smartphones, Charan Raj on 2 tablets using a piano and a guitar app, DJ JDEE on 2 tablets using a DJ and a sampler app and Vanil Vegas on a smartphone and a tablet using a percussion and flute app. 

 “We can backpack our gadgets and perform anywhere. Recently, we were rehearsing on a flight and our co-passengers also enjoyed it.” Ricky adds

We recently caught a glimpse of them strumming Sheila ki Jawaani on their instruments and we have to say, we were beyond impressed.