Rumour: Development on Symbian stopped; N8 successor to be last Symbian device

So as we wait for the Nokia Belle update for Symbian^3 and Anna devices, some very bad news for Symbian lovers is doing the round! According to The Register, Nokia is now planning to phase-out all future development over the Symbian OS platform. So there may actually be no Symbian Carla and Donna update in the future.

With this the report also suggests that the rumoured N8 successor that we have heard about earlier may be the last Symbian device that we would be able to buy in the market.

The reason behind this major step from Nokia is being attributed to the falling sales figure of Symbian devices over the past few months. Nokia has estimated last year to sell at least 150 million devices worldwide before it finishing the transition to Windows Phone completely. But this is not happening as Nokia had expected. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said, “We now believe that we will sell fewer Symbian devices than we previously anticipated.”

Last summer, Accenture had acquired about 3000 Symbian developers form Nokia to develop the Symbian platform until the 2016 but now this sudden-decision from Nokia to support the platform will indeed affect these developers and Accenture on a large scale.

On the other hand ST Ericsson also gave out a very intense hint on this saying that there would be a “very significant decline” in net sales this quarter all thanks to the “reduction, in the short term, of new product sales with one of our largest customers.” And as we all know Nokia is the largest customer to ST Ericsson.


So this brings us back to the point that Nokia may release the Nokia N8 successor as the last Symbian device. And as we wait for an official statement from Nokia, we also pray that the Nokia Belle is not the last developmental update that all we Symbian lovers get. But just a few days back we saw some reporting form the Nokia developer’s site where developers are already trying and reporting issues with Symbian Carla. So that also gives us some hope that we may at least get to see Carla later. 

*Fingers Crossed*