RCom told to clarify on GSM service launch in J&K

gsm-logo Department of Telecom (DoT) has questioned Reliance Communications (RCom) as to why the network has launched a GSM network in Jammu and Kashmir without clearance from the security services. The DoT has instructed the company to demonstrate that its network can be monitored by the security services.
The Indian government routinely changes the rules about networks offering mobile coverage along the border with Pakistan, and services are restricted in the contested Kashmir region. The state owned operator, BSNL was recently ordered to shut-down its mobile network along the India-Nepal border due to security concerns
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RCom official company is also offering CDMA-based services in J&K, therefore, our network has been designed keeping in mind the requirement of the security agencies. According to the licence, there is no need for us to get separate clearance from the security agencies for our GSM network. “We had started the services after intimating the DoT. We are fully compliant with the rules and procedures RCom official said.”