Record music from FM radio without ads with PopCatcher’s new app

pop-catcher Have you ever been in a situation where your favourite song plays on the radio and just can’t find it anywhere else to download? Well PopCatcher has the solution for you. An innovative application that can record songs playing on FM and will enable the user to save them commercial free and RJ talk-free from any FM radio station for personal use. Longcheer India has developed the application for PopCatcher and is hoping to be a big hit in the Indian market.
Jakob Berg, CEO of PopCatcher said, “First we are developing a great user interface to let customers experience Pop Catcher in their mobile phones; in the second step we will finalize the solution for third party customers. Right now our focus is to penetrate the huge Indian mobile phone market. After local tests of the PopCatcher software in India we unquestionably see the potential in user experience”

The software technology by PopCatcher used in recording songs works step by step. It first observes programs aired in the radio, then it filters out commercials and radio talk and finally it saves the song. This application is easy to use and saves music from favorite radio station directly on to the device.

“Together with PopCatcher we will be able to deliver a solution to a wide extent of customers for personal FM without any advertisements. The PopCatcher application is a powerful selling point to mobile phone customers”, said Manu Nagar, CEO of Longcheer India.