Rediff News App for Android devices launched India has today announced the launch of its Rediff News Application for Android devices.

The Android app can be downloaded by both Android smartphone and tablet user app and have quick and easy access to a rich collection of the latest stories across Rediff’s News, Business, Movies, Sports, and Get Ahead sections.

All of these sections of news are available in a tiled interface and comes with an option to enable or disable images, offline mode to read all the content later and more.

Also in addition to these features, the news app provides a shortened version of reports, with a link back to’s mobile site where the full report can be read. Rediff new app readers can easily share their favorite new items via Facebook and Twitter, and even via WhatsApp, SMS and email.

The application also has the option to refresh manually or automatically every 3 hours, 6 hours or once a day – allowing the user to personalize settings and receive stories they are interested in when they want.
You can get the Rediff News App by clicking the widget below.