Reliance Communications will launch Applications Store through RWorld soon

reliance-rworld-app-world  Reliance Communications has announced that it will shortly be launching its Mobile Applications Store in India available for customers through its data portal RWorld. The new look RWorld 2.0 would be a 3G ready data portal with world class content management system supporting all the latest features available on mobile handsets.

The first version of the Reliance Applications Store is planned to go live on GSM handsets as early as the month end; however, it will launch an expanded version across CDMA as well as GSM handsets later this quarter.

Reliance Applications Store allows customers to browse and download applications (paid/free) through a controlled environment. The success of the Applications Store lies in the ease with which developers across the world can develop, publish and promote programs and applications through a single mother portal cutting across all platforms and network elements.

According to RCom, the core idea behind the launch of RWorld 2.0 is driven by 4 C’s:

  • customer experiences based on smartphones
  • content localization and SNS generated content
  • contextual search for content across all Voice, SMS and Data
  • clear and simple pricing