Reliance plans India’s first Literary Cell Novel “Deaf Heaven”

Reliance Communications is launching India’s first cell novel “Deaf Heaven”. Written by National Award winning writer, Pinki Virani, the entire novel will be condensed into a pack of 90 SMSes. RCOM will make this novel available through a sms subscription pack especially created for this purpose. Those subscribing to the special pack of “Deaf Heaven” will receive the entire novel through a series of SMSes spread over a period of 30 days. Everyday, the subscriber will get to read the novel through 3 SMSes.

The literary cell novel planned by RCOM is a first such offering by any telecom operator in India. RCOM plans to launch the cell novel in early August.

Reliance also plans to convert “Deaf Heaven” into an Adult audio mobile book. The Audio book will be available on a Multimodal number. The company is currently working with the national award winning author to develop prompts for the Audio novel.

Globally, cell novels are a popular strategy adopted by mobile operators to acquire subscriber base especially in the 25 year plus age bracket. Mobile phone novels called keitai shousetsu in Japanese, were the first literary genre to emerge from the cellular age via text messaging. Over the years, mobile phone novels have trickled their way to a worldwide popularity across all subjects.

Reliance will offer Deaf Heaven cell novel through an innovative SMS pack priced at Rs 30/- only. The Adult audio mobile book will also be offered at a subscription price.

We Say : Its the kind of concept which may not be preferred by many people. Many readers may not perfer reading interesting novel in parts (that too in 30 days). These is what personally I think.

I would be very interested in knowing what do you think of this concept. Do post your comment and tell us your opinion.