RIM Blackberry and Microsoft come together to launch a cloud-based enterprise service

microsoft-blackberry Microsoft has joined hands with Research in Motion (RIM) to make a new RIM-hosted BlackBerry-enterprise service available for Microsoft Office 365. The service will be initially available for Exchange Online for Office 365 on a subscription basis starting at $0 per user per month with a Blackberry service plan.

The customers will get benefits like:

  • The collaboration has led to cheaper rates from 10$ to 0$ per user per month, meaning that customers will enjoy a cloud-based Blackberry service with a set of features similar to Blackberry Enterprise Server Express that is priced competitively with ActiveSync services.
  • Being an extension to the Blackberry solution which is hosted, licensed and supported by RIM, it will offer more features like wireless sync with Exchange Online and smart phone management and controls and administrators will be able to use Blackberry Balance technology to keep corporate data separate from personal data on Blackberry devices.
  • Customers will continue to have a holistic BlackBerry experience with single sign-on for administrators and seamless sign-up.