RIM sets up surveillance facility in Mumbai

The Indian Government had said last year, that it will shut down BlackBerry encrypted email and instant messaging services because it couldn’t wiretap them. The government had asked  RIM to come up with some solutions. Various deadlines were given and were not met until now.

Research In Motion has now set up a facility in Mumbai that is said to help the Indian government to carry out lawful surveillance of its BlackBerry services. The Mumbai facility offers lawful intercept requests for consumer services including the BlackBerry Messenger chat service. However there still isn’t any method to intercept and decode BlackBerry enterprise email, which is used by corporate customers and features a higher level of encryption than consumer email and instant messaging. BlackBerry has repeatedly said it doesn’t have the keys to unlock enterprise email messages.

Hopefully the Government will have some gain some trust and will allow RIM to continue providing its services in the country.