Samsung rules the smartphone world in Q3, Apple and others follow

Samsung is said to have shipped 27.8 million smartphones in the last quarter and has taken 23.8% of the market share making it the leader of smartphones by overtaking Apple. Apple had shipped 17.1 million handsets and took 14.6% of the market share and now is in second place. A UK based Strategy Analytics called Milton Keynes revealed this information in an e-mailed statement.

The global smartphone market has increased by 44% since last year with 117 million units, Strategy Analytics said.

Nokia dropped to 14.4% from 32.7% since last year, which is a considerable loss. However the company has maintained its top position in the mobile-phone market that includes lower-cost devices even after losing 5% points of share at 27.3%, still ahead of Samsung’s 22.6%.

Numbers are going to change in the coming quarter as we will be seeing Nokia launching its Windows Phone handsets and Samsung should come up with new Android 4.0 devices. Apple on the other hand is said to be preparing for the iPhone 5 which might end up launching by next year.

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