RIM to bring 6 BlackBerry 10 smartphones, packed with removable batteries

We know that the development on Research In Motion’s upcoming OS, BlackBerry 10 is on full swing and the company is nearing the finishing line and with that the CEO of the company Thorsten Heins has finally been very much vocal about its plans.


“The physical shape and feel of the new phones is finished and the software nearly complete,” Heins said in an interview to WSJ. “We’re near the finishing line.”

has also revealed (and also we already know about it) that initially the company plans to launch two BlackBerry 10 smartphones. One would be a full-touch smartphone and the other would arrive with a full QWERTY physical keyboard.
But in total RIM plans to launch 6 BlackBerry 10 smartphones in its line-up which will include three all-touch screen and the other three will arrive with a physical keyboard.
Heins also went on to reveal that the BlackBerry 10 smartphones will arrive with removable batteries which was a decision taken to appeal to heavy smartphone users who will not have to carry their chargers around and just carry a spare battery to keep them on the go.
RIM is expected to unveil the initial two BlackBerry 10 smartphones in the first week of January 2013.