Roti, Kapda aur Makaan AUR Mobile Phone

Mobile phones have grown up and have evolved into something that does a lot more than just making phone calls. People have started living around it. The last 10 years saw a revolution in how we communicate and how much we depend upon this little gadget. Listening to music, clicking pictures, watching movies, chit-chatting, social-networking, web browsing, and what not!


I remember growing up as a kid I was always fascinated by cell phones. I even had the luck to experiment with those green backlit cell phones. The ones that just made calls, send texts, and had those snake and tetris games. And now, I have a big touch screen phone; back in those days it used to be a fantasy in movies. With no doubt, I can say that ‘the concepts of then are the reality of today.’ The imagination and concepts have been many, and with the advancement of Information and Technology, these concepts will keep coming and they’ll keep turning into reality.The ability of cell phones to click pictures, I believe, has been one of the most amazing things that could have happened to the cell phone. And then, video joined in. People had started ditching cameras for a camera equipped cell phone. The evolution hasn’t stopped; we now have high resolution cameras in cell phones that produce amazing, sorry, spectacular results! Not only images are amazing, but we now have high definition video recording as well.

The Nokia N8 has been one of the best camera cell phones in the market. Having one of the biggest sensors ever put onto a cell phone for a camera, it can click pictures up to a resolution of 12 megapixels. The sensor is as big as 1/1.8 inch, and being a photographer I know that it is pretty big for cell phone camera. If you don’t believe me, here are some sizes to compare with:

Sony Ericsson Satio – 1/2.5″
Samsung Pixon12 – 1/2.5″
Nokia N86 8MP – 1/2.5″
Sony Ericsson Vivaz – 1/3.2″

Apart from clicking pictures, there have been many innovative features that make a person buy a cell phone right away. The list is huge; I can go on and on and still have more features and uses that cell phones offer today. But in the long run, cell phones will remain cell phones; a device to communicate to people through wireless connectivity.

The cell phone has become a living thing these days, a friend, a relative, a pet. People have made it a part of their lives and it has become a necessity and will be one for a long time. Long live Mobile Phone!