Rumour: 6 million units of iPad mini may arrive in Q3 for $249-$299

Another interesting rumour surrounding the iPad Mini has popped up. This time again it starts from China, where Apple products are manufactured and the rumour is about the release date, quantity and the price of the iPad mini. 


According to Kotaku, the iPad mini is set to release in Q3 this year with an initial shipment of about 6 million units. That’s sweet! 

The source also goes on to say that to compete with the already existing cheap Android tablets and upcoming Windows 8 tablets, Apple is looking to price the iPad mini anywhere from $249 to $299 at the time of release. It is being said that the main aim for Apple to bring in an iPad mini is to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire which is selling at $199. 
On the other hand, we do know that Apple has a 7.85 inch iPad mini in its labs but will it see the daylight is the question. Also we have know that Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs, was against a 7 inch device as he felt that people needed smaller fingers to operate such small device and thus never brought it in. But now has the company changed its plan? We’ll know very soon!