Rumour: iPhone 5’s screen might feel like it is liquefied

The buzz for the next iteration of Apple’s iPhone – the iPhone 5 has started to ring in everyone’s ears. While there are too many rumours surrounding the release, here is the most interesting one ever.

It seems Apple might have recognized that displays need to be diversified. After putting in the same retina display in the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S, everything is set to change when it comes to Apple’s next iPhone. Using a technology called Liquid metal, Apple might develop a screen that looks and feels like it is in a liquid form!

Liquidmetal is developed using a combination of amorphous alloys granting it high-strength, high resistance against wear and tear and making it lightweight. It was discovered in Caltech in 1992, and twenty years from that day, Apple might be thinking of making it an intrinsic part of its next iPhone.