RUMOUR: iPad 3 to feature 1080p iTunes content

Rumor has it that Apple might be launching its iPad 3 in the first week of March. One of the most exciting features that the iPad 3 should boast, is a full retina display, which will boost the iPad’s resolution to a grand 2048×1536 pixels.


While Apple currently features only 720p HD content in the iTunes store, with the
introduction of the new iPad, it will cross into the arena of 1080p. Just think of it as watching a blu-ray flick on your iPad.

This is how this rumor came into being. Firstly, its already known that Apple I working on a next-gen Apple TV. Last year it even asked movie studios to submit their content in 1080p resolution. And finally, a retina-display iPad puts it all together like the pieces of a puzzle.

The iPad 3 has finally got me jumping off the sofa in excitement. If a retina-display iPad is released, I believe Apple will continue its unabashed reign over the tablet market, which its has been doing ever since the launch of the first iPad.