Rumour: Nokia could announce two WP8 devices on September 5

The question of when Nokia would unveil its Windows Phone 8 smartphone has been doing the rounds since the day Microsoft unveiled the next-generation of OS for mobile and the rumour mills are at it again.


This time rumours doing the rounds are pointing that it might be as early as of September 5 when Nokia might unveil not one but two of its Windows Phone 8 OS running smartphone.

If you ask us why on September 5, then it is the date when Nokia World kicks off and what better place than the event. Also it is on September 5th when Microsoft is also expected to address the world on the developmental progress of the Windows Phone 8.
A few days back Nokia has closed down its Store in Helsinki and put up hoardings saying ‘Something Amazing is Coming’ and mentioned the date 7.9.2012, which is just two days after the Nokia World event. So is it that after unveiling the device on September 5th, Nokia goes on to make the two smartphones available for public just two days after the announcement?
Well previously we have heard that Windows Phone 8 device might not arrive until November but it will be no surprise if Nokia unveils those two smartphones 2 months in advance.
Though we are not sure if this rumour would turn out to be true or not but we definitely are excited for the Nokia World.