How to run dual apps on Vivo V15 Pro [Guide]

Newer Android smartphones offer a lot of features built-in, features like running dual apps, gesture-based navigation, one-hand mode, and so on. One of the latest Android smartphones is the Vivo V15 Pro with popup selfie camera and it runs on the Android 9 Pie layered with the FunTouch OS. The FunTouch OS has a variety of features that come handy and this guide will show you how to run dual apps on your Vivo V15 Pro.


How to run dual apps on Vivo V15 Pro

Running dual apps such as dual WhatsApp, dual Instagram, dual Snapchat or any other supported apps can be possible on the Vivo V15 Pro. App cloning is a feature that shouldn’t be missed, the Vivo V15 Pro lets you create a copy of the app so that you can use two different accounts.

Turn on this feature under the Settings -> App Clone and choose the available apps you want from the list to clone. Once you have selected the apps, you will find the cloned app on the homescreen.

Note: ‘Clone Apps’ only works with supported apps.

Now run both the apps at the same time with different accounts, if you have two WhatsApp numbers, use it to run two WhatsApp accounts on the phone.


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