How to launch apps with in-display fingerprint scanner [OnePlus 7 Pro Guide]

The OnePlus 7 Pro the most recent flagship phone by OnePlus and it packs a punch when it comes to the features. Talking about its fingerprint scanner which is among the top features of the phone, it’s embedded under the display, and can be used for unlocking the phone and apps. However, there’s more to it if you explore, the fingerprint scanner can also be used to quickly launch apps without unlocking the phone.


Aside from securing your OnePlus 7 Pro with your fingerprints, the in-display fingerprint scanner comes with a feature that gives you access to the apps’ shortcut. If you are the one who prefers launching apps from the lockscreen, well this is it, make use of the in-display fingerprint scanner instead.

With the in-display fingerprint scanner, you will be able to quickly launch the apps when the phone is locked, here’s how to enable this feature.

Quickly Launch Apps Using In-Display Fingerprint Scanner [OnePlus 7 Pro Guide]

Before you start with this short tutorial, register your fingerprints with the phone if you haven’t done it. Go to Settings -> Security & lock screen -> Fingerprint and add fingerprints.

Once you have your fingerprints registered, activate the quick launch feature by going into Settings -> Utilities -> Quick Launch and turn on the slider that says ‘Turn on Quick launch‘.

Right below, the Shortcut settings are available for the apps you choose for the quick launch. Keep the apps you desire and remove the ones you don’t.

For instance, if you want to launch apps such as WhatsApp, or bring selfie or video mode in the camera, compose a new email, voice search, or assign a direct shortcut to the contact you want to call, or any other apps that you want to launch.

To launch the apps with the in-display fingerprint scanner, tap and hold on to the in-display fingerprint scanner to get the list of shortcuts available. Swipe to it and release it to launch the specific task or app.



That was easy I guess, do tell us which apps did you add in the app shortcut list? More tutorials and guides are available on our How-To Guides.

Here’s our unboxing video of the OnePlus 7 Pro on our IGTV channel.