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S Tel introduces ‘Bonus Plus’

s-tel-logo S Tel, introduced ‘Bonus Plus’, an proposition which drives the concept of recharge more, gain more with every single etop up. S Tel subsribers in Odisha and Himachal Pradesh can now avail additional talk time with any value/denomination within the same month from its start.

Mr. Raj Kumar, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, S Tel commented, “Starting from today, S Tel customers will enjoy bonus talk time each time they get e top ups. The value of the bonuses range from 5% to 15% of the etop ups value with each recharge during the month offering progressively more talk time. This unique offering is tailored to award more talk time to all our customers who recharge with us more often.” 

Details of Bonus Plus

Frequency of RechargeBonus Talk Time (% on MRP)
1st recharge5% more
2nd recharge7.5% more
3rd recharge
10% more
4th recharge12.5% more
5th recharge15% more