Samsung and HTC may out Tizen running devices in second half of 2012

Lately, the new upcoming Tizen OS has been gaining a lot of momentum which is being backed by Intel and Samsung. Tizen has been merged with MeeGo and LiMo and apart from Intel and Samsung, companies like Panasonic and NEC, and even Sprint are supporting the OS.


Now the latest rumours have it that Tizen will be making its way into the market, as early as in late-June this year and Tizen-based devices from Samsung and HTC like netbooks and smartphones are expected to arrive in second half of 2012.

Other tech giants like Asustek and Acer are also planning to bring out their netbooks on Tizen before the end of the third quarter of 2012. It’ll be interesting to see as to how Tizen performs and fights with the current leaders like the Android, iOS and slowly pacing upwards, Windows Phone OS, when it arrives. 
One thing for sure is that the journey for Tizen would be difficult but not impossible given that the OS already is able to run Android apps on the devices which could be a great boost to the OS when it arrives in a more stable and finished form.