Samsung starts blocking unofficial S-Voice queries from leaked app

Earlier today we shared about the personal assistant for the Samsung Galaxy S III, the S Voice’s APK installation file getting leaked. Many people were even able to install the apk and use the app. But it seems that Samsung is not liking this much and has so gone ahead to block the access to the app. 


Samsung’s S-Voice is powered by Vlingo and it is being said that Samsung has asked Vlingo to disable all the queries reaching its server if the query is from any Android device expect the Galaxy S III.

Now if any S-Voice user is sending in a query, S-Voice is returning a response as ‘Network Error. Please Try Again’ which confirms that Vlingo has blocked the access to its servers. 
XDA developers who leaked the apk have confirmed that the query is indeed being sent from your device to Vlingo’s servers but they are not being processed. The string that is sent to the servers, is identified by Vlingo’s servers as to which device is generating the requests, So Vlingo can block any device that shouldn’t have access to S-Voice.
It is only a few more days before the Galaxy S III will officially be available and then users can freely try the S-Voice app and send in loads of queries and enjoy their own personal assistant.