Samsung announces health tracking Simband

With an increasing focus on devices, especially wearable devices, to track health of the users, Samsung has announced the Simband.


Samsung has officially announced the Simband, which is an open hardware reference design for wearable technology with advanced sensing technologies that could be used to track measurements such as heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure using the wrist-mounted band that has a modular array of sensors on the bottom.


Interestingly, Samsung will not sell the Simband commercially but instead offer it as an open reference design for other manufacturers to develop products. The company claims to have designed it in a modular way, allowing for innovation in areas like battery life, form factor and non-invasive sensor technology.

The Simband also comes with the Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions (SAMI), which is a cloud-based open software platform that stores the collected health data from the wearable device securely. This can be used by developers to access the data and leverage it to create entirely new applications.