Samsung Counter-attacks Apple with Patent infringement in Australia

The patent-war between Samsung and Apple is heating up. Earlier this month we had seen that a German court had stopped Samsung from selling its latest Galaxy 10.1 Tab in the major European country and Samsung appealed for the ban. Now, Samsung has filed a counter-claim against Apple in an Australian court accusing the iOS maker of infringing the South Korean giant’s wireless patents in its iPhone and iPad.

In a media statement Samsung Australia said that, Samsung has filed the claim with the Federal Court of Australia, New South Wales Registry on September 16. According to the claims by Samsung, Apple has infringed seven patents that are owned by Samsung in Australia and are related to wireless communications by Apple’s iPad 2, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.This move by Samsung comes after it has delayed the launch of its latest Galaxy tablet computer in Australia due to the on-going dispute with Apple.

It all started in April when Apple filed case against Samsung. Samsung is turning out to be a major competition to Apple and its iOS as it is developing the Galaxy range of products on the Android platform and has been very successful with it. So Apple is taking every possible step to stop it from taking over its Smartphone and Tablet market. Both the giants are fighting legal battles in the United States as well as Europe, South Korea and Australia.