Samsung Galaxy M31 vs realme X2 – Specs Comparison [Differences]

Samsung’s latest offering in its midrange M-series is the Galaxy M31 featuring a 6,000 mAh battery and 64 MP quad cameras. On the other side, the realme X2 is another midranger competing with similar specs. Here’s the specs comparison of the Samsung Galaxy M31 and realme X2.


6,000 mAh Battery – Samsung Galaxy M31

Among the key features of the Samsung Galaxy M31 is the battery which is far superior to the one provided on the realme X2. The Samsung Galaxy M31 equips a massive 6,000 mAh battery much higher in the capacity as compared to the 4,000 mAh battery on the realme X2. It turns out that the Samsung Galaxy M31 emerges with a better battery performance than that of the realme X2.


Fast Charging – realme X2

Since the battery is huge, the charging takes a while, the Samsung Galaxy M31, even though, charges rapidly, still fall back against the smaller battery on the realme X2. The smaller the battery, the faster the charging, the realme X2, indeed, is far ahead in terms of battery charging, it’s 4,000 mAh vs 6,000 mAh.

Speaking of the charging test, the realme X2 features a 30W VOOC FlashCharge 4.0 that charges the phone up to 67% in just 30 minutes whereas the Samsung Galaxy M31 features a 15W fast charger (slower than the VOOC 4.0) that charges the phone about 21% in 30 minutes.


On-Screen Fingerprint Scanner – realme X2

Both the phones offer a fingerprint scanner, however, the realme X2 offers an on-screen fingerprint scanner while the Samsung Galaxy M31 offers a physical fingerprint scanner on its back.

While it’s a matter of a personal choice, the industry has already moved to the in-display fingerprint scanner and several phones in this segment are capable of accommodating a fingerprint scanner under the screen. Hence, the realme X2 is ahead in terms of fingerprint scanning technology.


Camera Specs & Features

On the camera front, both of them offer a whopping 64 MP quad-camera setup, there are some differences which includes the 5 MP macro camera and 5 MP depth camera on the Samsung Galaxy M31 higher than the 2 MP macro camera and the 2 MP depth camera on the realme X2.

Though, realme X2 offers a 960fps super slow motion feature and real-time video bokeh effect in the background. These are the only major differences in their cameras, the overall camera performance is quite similar.


To know more about the Samsung Galaxy M31, check out the full unboxing and features overview on our YouTube.

Performance & RAM Options

When it comes to the performance and RAM options, the realme X2 is powered by a faster Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G octa-core processor versus the Exynos 9611 octa-core SoC on the Samsung Galaxy M31.

The realme X2 carries an Adreno 618 GPU whereas the Samsung Galaxy M31 carries a Mali-G72 MP3. Gaming performance is slightly better on the realme X2.

The Samsung Galaxy M31 comes in a maximum 6 GB RAM variant whereas the realme X2 comes in 8 GB variant. Hence, the realme X2 is clearly ahead in terms of overall performance.

Realme X2

Pricing & Conclusion

For the price it holds, the Samsung Galaxy M31 retails at Rs 14,999 whereas the realme X2 starts at Rs 16,999. Summarizing the comparison, it turns out that the realme X2 is far a better option if you are looking for performance and faster-charging technology at a little higher cost. The camera specs are somewhat similar on both the phones, however, if you want longer battery life and has a lesser budget, the Samsung Galaxy M31 is an ideal choice.

Note: The prices mentioned here may have changed since the recent GST hike on the smartphones.