Samsung Galaxy S IV to feature Eye Scroll technology

With just a few days for the launch of Samsung’s flagship device, more and more new details about the device are surfacing. The latest news reveals that the fourth gen Galaxy S device would have the ability to scroll depending on the movement of your eyes.


As per reports from the New York Times, The Galaxy S IV device would have a technology called Eye Scroll which would allow users to scroll through pages by simply moving their eyes. This technology was put up in US and Europe for trademark.

Using the Eye Scroll technology, the device will be able to track the user’s eyes and automatically scroll the page down or up based on their movement. As per the details Samsung is going to focus on software features rather than hardware.

While officials from Samsung claim that not the software but even the hardware would be good, we would have to wait a few more days for the phone to become official in order to get a proper picture of the specs and features.