Samsung GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 Makes Smart Move

samsung-galaxy-s-wifi-4-450X450 After the success of the Samsung Galaxy S in the market, Samsung has today announced ‘Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.0’ – a smart player to expand the range of galaxy series. It comes with 4 inch Super clear LCD display to deliver power applications and entertainment by Android platform. This will let many users to experience the rich smartphone experience onto this device without the expense of operator contracts.  
With built in Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Android 2.2, Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.0 offer ultimate multimedia environment to users.  Due to the presence of VoIP, Skype supports video calls over Wi-Fi and free calls among Skype users while access to major social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter which let you connected to the people important in your life. Qik support let you share the captured images and videos instantly.

GPS expands capabilities further which make turn by turn services easier. It is one of the most advanced features from Google applications. It also has camera to shoot HD videos and support for various codec standards including MPEG4, H264, DivX etc.

Sound quality is phenomenal in Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.0. Samsung sound quality provides unrivalled sound quality, with deeper bass and greater tone articulation, letting you listen to your favorite tracks the way the artists intended.

The Samsung GALAXY S Wi-Fi 4.0 will be available during the first half in global markets starting from the UK.