Samsung Galaxy S5 put through washing machine; survives unscathed 

Are you one of those people who label the Samsung Galaxy S5 as ‘cheap plastic‘? Prepare to be surprised. The Samsung Galaxy S5  is IP67 certified and claims to be waterproof and dustproof. But what if these abilities were tested for real? The guys at Techsmmart have done it again – they have put the Samsung Galaxy S5 through the worst you can imagine and the results, well, might surprise you, to say the least.


The guys who did this are definitely bordering on crazy, but the stuff they come out with is truly great. Last time, they dropped the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 from varied heights to find out that the HTC One M8 beat the Samsung Galaxy S5 in the drop test. This time they took out the Samsung Galaxy S5 and tried something different.


Samsung claims that the Galaxy S5 can remain submerged in water for 30 minutes – but how about taking it to the next level? These guys submerged the phone under running water for, get this, 90 minutes!

The phone didn’t blink and in fact, was working well even after being submerged for so long. For once, Samsung has done better than it advertises to do.


Next up, the most interesting thing that happened. The Samsung Galaxy S5 was stuffed inside a Jeans pocket and run in a washer for 15 mins (These guys are total nuts!)

The wash cycle ran its time, while the display of the handset did power off in between and once, the back cover came off and phone had to be dried, the Samsung Galaxy S5 not only survived the washer, it in fact, came out with almost no scratches.

Although, the blue color of the jean did get to the white Samsung Galaxy S5, making it a limited edition blue and white device, other than the phone miraculously survived!


You might feel icky about the design of the Samsung Galaxy S5, when it comes to durability, Samsung has definitely delivered on this handset. In fact, it reminded us of Nokia phones of yester years, which never gave up an survived many a washing machine.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has definitely earned some brownie points from us for sure.

Check out this video to see for yourself what this smartphone can endure.