Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is allegedly spotted, Curved Screen Eliminated

Not so long the Korean giant has unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S8 with its impressive infinity display, now the Samsung Galaxy S8 returns to the ring with a different look and a flat display, not curved. Samsung Galaxy S8 Active – a more durable version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is allegedly spotted on the Wireless Power Consortium website which confirms that the smartphone will be announcing soon.


Last year, after announcing the Samsung Galaxy S7, the company has introduced the Galaxy S7 Active. Just like the last year, there will be an S8 Active variant with same specifications but different design particularly focused on the durability and protection.

Unlike the S8, the Galaxy S8 Active will integrate a flat screen, see the leaked image that shows you it is not using the curved screen. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is a rugged version of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Despite all of the heavy protection, the device should perform just as how S8 performs.

Currently, we don’t know the specifications of the leaked device, however, judging from the past devices, the S8 Active will have more battery power than the S8. The S7 Active had 1,000 mAh more battery than the S7. So, it is likely to be sure that the Galaxy S8 Active will be using a 4,000 mAh battery.

What do you think about the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active? Do you think it will succeed?