Samsung Galaxy Tab 5; low-budget Galaxy Tab in the works [Report]

Samsung seems to be working on a 10-inch Galaxy Tab 5, if reports out of the Netherlands are to be believed. The fifth generation Galaxy Tab was leaked from Zauba site. It comes with a model number SM-T555 at a value of Rs. 22,571. A cheaper, budget version of the Galaxy Tab also seems in the works, with a price around Rs. 6450 and a model number SM-T116.


While Sony and Apple are both working on 12-inch tabs, it seems that the market for 10-inch tabs is dying out. Samsung, though, will maintain its variety of tablets. One piece of  the Galaxy Tab 5 and 30 pieces of the low-budget tab have been imported into India.

How do we know that these will be the next generation of Samsung Galaxy Tabs? Well, let’s look at the serial numbers. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 came with the serial number T-531.  So, the SM-T555 seems, logically the successive serial number for a successive tablet.