Samsung gives its Windows Phone devices some attention with two exclusive apps

We all know Windows Phone is all about Nokia right now with the Finnish maker having over 90 % share in the platform’s small pie. Samsung on the other hand is the king of the hill in the Android universe and the Korean maker has obviously been not giving Windows Phone any kind of major attention. Well they haven’t brought a new Windows Phone since a long time but they have brought a couple of new exclusive apps for its Ativ range of Windows Phone devices.


The first app of the two is Share Box which is a DLNA app which lets you share music or video content with your DLNA enabled TV or any DLNA featuring device. You can also use your Samsung Windows Phone device as a remote to control content on the paired device.

The second app is Samsung Link which lets you play content from the cloud and you can also share content with other devices, storage devices and websites too.

If you own a Samsung Ativ Windows Phone device then go ahead and get these two apps from the Windows Phone Store which are exclusively available for Samsung devices.

Share Box – Windows Phone Store
Samsung Link – Windows Phone Store