Samsung kicks off Early Access program for Bixby to test voice commands

Samsung is already quite late at the AI assistant party and glitches and hiccups aren’t helping its cause either. After Samsung splashed out cash on the acquisition of ‘Viv’, it was thought that Samsung was getting ready for a head start. But those plans received a setback at the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 when Samsung unveiled Bixby but could not get it to work completely.


Bixby was unable to process English properly with voice commands. And Samsung had to launch a half-baked Bixby into the Galaxy S8. Now the company is testing the voice command feature by enrolling Galaxy S8 users in the Bixby Early Access program.

To sing up for the program, click on the source link below and enter the email linked to your Samsung account. Further details will be shared by Samsung if you are accepted in the Early Access program. Since this is an Early Access program, you shouldn’t expect all accents and dialects to work with the troubled AI. But Samsung is taking baby steps in improving just that.

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