Samsung launches Corby (S3653)

samsung-corby  Samsung has announced the launch of Corby (S3653), its first mobile handset designed to support the highly connected lifestyle of today’s younger mobile users. The Samsung Corby, is a full-touch handset that places users at the centre of the social media revolution with full support for a wide range of social networks. The Samsung Corby is priced at Rs.9600

The Corby represents a complete makeover for the youth segment, with its eye-catching design, which marks a significant break from the way full touch phones are usually designed. The Samsung Corby is notable for both its body design and colors; it comes with bold color options such as Jamaican Yellow, Cupid Pink, Minimal White, and Festival Orange so that users can choose their favorite color.

The best social networking services are combined with enhanced multimedia capabilities in a compact form. The 2.8-inch QVGA screen delivers a quality experience when browsing video content online and its quad band connectivity and support for EDGE networks means that Corby users can stay in touch regardless of their location.

Key Features of Samsung Corby

  • 2.8” QVGA 262K TFT-LCD Full touch screen
  • 2MP Camera
  • 50MB Internal Memory
  • microSD (expandable up to 8GB)
  • Edge, GPRS


There is a wealth of communication options available to Corby owners. Users can update current status and access friends’ updates, live feeds Facebook, MySpace and Twitter through simple Pop-up SNS. The handset also supports various social networking community sites by integrating leading User Generated Content sites such as YouTube, Flickr, Picasa and Photobucket and other popular SNS sites including Facebook, MySpace and Friendster directly into the handsets user interface. User can upload photo & video to these SNS and User Generated Content sites through Communities solution.

The Samsung Corby incorporates Samsung’s new Touchwiz UI and haptic feedback system making touch screen operations simple and easy to use. The handset offers tangible feedback when you make a selection on the touch screen and through the device’s widget system, users can further customise the handset and interface with useful applications and widget that move with drag and drop ease. Corby owners will also have access to a substantial library of additional applications through the Samsung online widgets store. The handset also supports One finger zoom and Gesture Control, Samsung’s own unique features that are incorporated in most of company’s premium full touch line-ups including Samsung Jet. One finger zoom enables consumers to zoom in and out in one hand. Gesture Control is a feature which enables users to unlock the phone and execute the menu directly by drawing an alphabet letter on the screen.