Samsung leaving Windows Phone from 2013? [Rumour]

samsungleavewp7  A tweet from @SamFirmware, the guys who continuously publish leaked ROMs, says that Samsung may stop supporting Windows Phone OS after 2012. It seems odd due to the success of Samsung handsets on Microsoft’s OS but there may be a few reasons behind this.
Nokia and Microsoft’s strategic alliance may be the reason as Nokia will be given some extra privileges over the other OEMs. Same can be said of Acquisition deal between Motorola and Google so Motorola. Samsung is having massive success with devices like Samsung S II and so it may also have decided to concentrate totally and develop its in-house Bada OS for future. Samsung had recently announced the Bada 2.0 which already has Multi-tasking, Wi-Fi Direct , Near Field Communication (NFC), voice recognition, mobile payment, HTML5 and Flash for a ‘complete web experience’.

Samsung’s success with Google’s Android affected Apple and now Apple is taking down Samsung in the Tablet market with legal cases wherever possible and this is costing Samsung a fortune.

As of now 2013 is still two years away. And if the WP platform really does capture the market by storm with Mango then perhaps Samsung may change their tune. Android (and Google) need Samsung, but it could be that Bada will be competing for market as well as WP.

What do you think? Which OS would be the best, complementing Samsung?