Samsung may consider partnering Tizen OS with the Firefox OS

While it is no secret that Samsung is planning on using the Tizen OS to combat the rapidly growing Android market, the company now plans to take the new Firefox OS on board so as to build a wider market base.


Speaking at a conference recently, Samsung’s Chief Secretary Wonsuk Lee said that Samsung is working on building a relationship between its upcoming Tizen OS and the Firefox OS from Mozilla. He pointed out that since both Tizen and Firefox OS are HTML5 based, apps written for one platform can work on the other.

Speculation is rampant that Samsung has plans on making a Tizen-Firefox OS partnership to eventually combat both, iOS as well as Android. However, while Samsung would use its Tizen OS for high end and low end devices, the Firefox OS would predominantly target the low end devices. Despite all the plans and speculations, not a single Tizen device has yet entered the market.