Samsung Mobile users to experience social networking with RockeTalk in Bada OS

Samsung-rocketalk-150x150 To enrich the user experience, Samsung has announced a mobile social networking app – RockeTalk in Bada platform. With RockeTalk, Samsung users will be able to use the interactive and unique features of voice and video blogs directly from a mobile phone. In addition to this, sending of photos, videos and live multimedia discussion forums are included in the application itself.  
According to Mr. Rajiv Kumar, Founder & CEO, RockeTalk, “We are delighted to partner with Samsung Mobile. The inclusion of RockeTalk to Samsung phones reiterates our commitment of providing quality applications, flexibility for customization and social media networking experience as per the demands of our users. We are confident that this association will generate a favorable response and will deliver great customer satisfaction as always”

RockeTalk users will also able to experience the video chat. The app can be downloaded from The Samsung app store – can be accessed through an ODC in the phone, through a desktop client called KIES and through the web portal

According to mobile analytics, RockeTalk is a better social networking app than Twitter and Facebook. It has been regarded as the top downloaded app with an estimated downloads close to 87,931 in the week of February 4-10, 2011 from App Stores of most service providers.

For the first time, it has opened it’s gate for third party APIs. Thus, an opportunity for developers to implement some new ideas and make it even better.