Samsung plans to bring its Windows RT tablet in October

According to a report by Bloomberg, Korean giant Samsung is planning to out its own Windows RT tablet for an October launch.


Now this is not a surprise to many as we do know that the Windows RT running tablet that Microsoft unveiled to the world was actually built by Samsung. And with this the company coming up with its own tablet on the new OS was expected.

Windows RT is an OS designed by Microsoft specially to run on the ARM chipsets which are normally used on smartphones. And the OS has been specially designed and optimised to support the touch interface that Windows RT and Windows 8 OS would arrive with.
Until now computers usually run on Intel and AMD based chipsets, but with Windows RT, chipset companies like Qualcomm, TI and NVIDIA would be able to compete and provide chips to tablet manufacturers who decide to run the Windows RT OS.
And those companies who opt in for the Windows 8 as their OS, they’ll use the x86 based chips which are built by Intel and AMD. Last week, HP which is a key hardware partner of Microsoft, decided to opt for Windows 8 OS instead of Windows RT for its upcoming tablet and this is indeed a blow to MS.
Anyways, the Windows RT running Samsung’s tablet would run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip and no other details are available on the tablet for now.